2018 Avon Brochures Brochure 18 Special Offers

Avon Brochure 2018-18

Avon’s Campaign 18 Brochure

Products available from Friday 2nd Nov until Thursday 22nd November

Christmas Reindeer with Snowball Message: Ronnie Reindeer
Sing along to everyone’s favourite Christmas song with Ronnie, whilst watching his snowglobe
 light up with snowflakes and festive fun


Far Away Gift Set £10 – our No. 1 selling perfume.   Also available as a candle and diffuser for £10 a set in a gift box

Make-up – spend £10 or more have a free beauty gift set.

FAR AWAY range of perfumes:  
Far Away Original
Far Away Bella
Far Away Infinity
Far Away Gold
and the latest edition Far Away Rebel
plus FREE gift when you spend £12 on selected fragrances for him and her

Loads of ideas for christmas gifts.

All available to order direct from Avon thru Carol’s Avon Store
FREE DELIVERY when you order £30 or more.