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Avon Makeup Tattoo Products

Avon’s first 2-in-1 tattoo eyeliner and corrector for dramatic staying power in 5 intense shades you can whip into shape. 

Ready for a liquid liner that’s easy to use?    Step over to the dark side whip into shape Avon Tattoo Eyeliner. Lasting effect that won’t submit, hyper-pigmented shades, super-easy to apply & correct.

Line & correct a new tattoo liquid eyeliner for the control freak in you.    Here to save you from cat’s eye struggles.   

Use precision tip to create your lines – don’t worry about mistakes.  Use corrector tip to sharpen lines and clean up mistakes and smudges. 

Brow tattoo micro styler.   The microbladed brow look without the painful price tag. Precision brows with staying power.   Brow no-no sparse and uneven.   Brow goals full and feathered, never fake.  Avon’s clever Triple-Blade Micro Tip mimics tiny hair strokes for totally natural brows that are bang on trend. 

2-in-1 lip tattoo perfectly precise liner and colour-saturated lip stain in 1.

Lip colour that lasts as long as you do.

Sculpt outline and define your lip shape. Fill with highly-saturated colour.

Avon’s weightless-feel formula fuses to lips in just 1 coat for immaculate precision with staying power.









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